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In a nutshell …

To make your transition to Microsoft Office 2010 ‘seamless’ and exasperation‑free



… and to introduce you to the user-friendly, portable, inexpensive resource which will enable you to do that



… so that you can get back to spending your work time ‘getting the job done’, rather than ‘hunting around for the now-elusive tools’


Whether you’re already an experienced user of Microsoft Office, or just a fast learner, this book tells you what you need to know to work with the ribbon interface.



The Word & Excel solution is here.  Publisher & PowerPoint are on their way.






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Since the inception of Microsoft Office, upgrades to the suite have entailed no major changes to the organisation, presentation and logic underpinning its program windows.


The ribbon interface is a radical change, and has catapulted experienced users into a situation where:

they feel as though they are ‘flying in the dark’

they have to feel their way around the ribbons to locate familiar commands

it now takes extra time to complete routine tasks which, previously, had become second-nature

Exasperation levels have increased, and output rates have decreased.  The cost implications for business are significant.


As experienced users, we do not need a detailed, step-by-step, explanatory reference designed for novices.  In short, we do not need a “how-to” tome.


What we do need is a “where-to” resource which tells us only what we need to know to find what we’re after – thereby, enabling us to just ‘get on with our work’ without the exasperation of hunting through the ribbons to find familiar commands.



Written for neither ‘dummies’ nor ‘idiots’, this book addresses a need not catered for by online help resources, nor by other books on the market.  It has been tailored with your needs in mind:


written by an experienced user, for experienced users, it addresses you on your level

it provides only the information necessary to deliver you to ‘familiar turf’, from where you can proceed unaided

it is designed for portability and convenience – A5, coil-bound (to lay flat when opened) – small enough to fit into a laptop bag or handbag – always on-hand

it does not require the user to have internet access

it does not involve having to swap back and forth between multiple windows on the computer screen

it acknowledges the inevitability of converting to the ribbon interface and facilitates that conversion, unlike add-ins which enable access to familiar menus but, in so doing, actually hinder the development of familiarity with the ribbons









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